Vicia Faba Expert System Project


Expert Systems (ES) are computer programs within a specific domain, involving a certain amount of AI to emulate human thinking in order to arrive at the same conclusions as a human expert would.

The objective for building agricultural expert systems is to utilize the benefits of agriculture expert's knowledge and to transfer the agricultural knowledge from researchers to the extension officers and growers.

Web-Based ES has optimized the benefits of ES; it maintains a decentralized way to transfer knowledge and extends the capabilities of ES to a large number of geographically dispersed users at a relatively low cost.

The Vicia Faba Expert system is a web-base ES that covers 6 countries (Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria) and contains six different modules:

1- Varietal Selection 2- Fertilization
3- Land Preparation and Planting 4- Irrigation
5- Diagnosis 6- Treatment